Roll-out on for shared property repairs app

TWO Scots local authorities have reportedly adopted an app launched in Edinburgh a year ago, to help co-ordinate the repair of buildings in shared ownership.

Says The City of Edinburgh Council, here, the app has helped “more than 500 tenements with nearly 5,000 properties across Edinburgh in carrying out £700,000 worth of much-needed repairs to improve their buildings”.

The app – which can be found, here – was developed in association with tech company, Novoville, and has been reportedly taken up by Perth and Kinross and East Ayrshire councils.

Edinburgh has around 170,000 tenement flats and other shared buildings with multiple owners.

Says Edinburgh council: “Born out of the Scottish Government’s CivTech Accelerator programme, the app was designed to make it easier for residents living in shared properties to keep their buildings in good condition. It’s attracted twice as many privately owned tenements in a year as the Council usually deals with in that time frame.

“The repairs carried out range from £50,000 for extensive roof repairs down to £200 for new door locks, through to £20,000 improving stonework, £5,000 repainting stairwells to £2,000 on new gutters. Around 150 trusted traders are listed on the app but you can use it with your own trader as well.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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