Rural land prices report published

FORESTRY, corporate estate buyers and what is being described as ‘natural capital investment’ schemes – such as rewilding projects – have been identified as the main reasons for rural land prices increasing until very recently – such that communities, family farms and local businesses are often being “priced out of the rural land market”.

The claim – which is disputed by the land estates’ representative body, Scottish Land & Estates, here – is being made by the Scottish Government agency, the Scottish Land Commission.

Says the commission, here: “The report notes that, while forestry land prices flattened at the end of 2022, demand outstripped a continuing rise in the supply of land across the board, maintaining the ‘seller’s market’ of 2021.”

In the report itself, here, the Commission states: “Whilst the 2021 estate market was characterised by excess demand, it was reported that supply and demand were beginning to level out during 2022. Overall, the market for estates remained strong in 2022 from a sellers’ perspective, with some signs that demand was weakening at the end of the year.”

And it adds: “[We] will be publishing advice later this month on where it sees further steps being required in policy and regulation, specifically in relation to the increasing investment and value in natural capital.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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