Site slightly on hold

THE recent tailing off of articles on placedesignscotland is because of a recalibrating of our editorial plans.

That process is still continuing and, to that end, readers are advised to expect a reduction in content for a little while to come.

Quite what the future will be for placedesignscotland is now the subject of some serious thinking.

The original aim was to gather content from sources that are not necessarily that busy (so that the whole might be more than the sum of the parts), and there is arguably continuing merit in that.

But it needs to be more, and we’re sure to emerge from this review as a much stronger editorial proposition.

We will continue with updating our events calendar and issuing our appointments, retirements, etc round-up (on a Friday afternoon).

And there will be still stories uploaded that feel too good to ignore.

In the meantime, thank you for your continuing support.

Placedesignscotland team

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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