Six Glasgow community projects put forward in funding bid

SIX projects in Glasgow have been put forward for possible funding from an UK-wide programme aiming to ‘renew communities’.

The projects – which have been estimated to cost £2.945million – have been submitted to the £220million Government Renewal Fund.

Says an announcement (here) from Glasgow City Council, which is submitting the bid: “These projects were identified after a process where 27 applications were screened for completeness and eligibility, and assessed in line with the UK Government’s published criteria.

“All projects submitted to this fund must be financially complete by the end of March 2022.

“The UK Government is expected to announce successful bids from late July onwards.”

The announcement identifies the projects thus:

· Clydeside Initiative for Arts (SWG3): GRID – Creating a Cultural Place and a Net-Zero Innovation District (bid value £480,000);

· Codeclan Limited: Data and Programming Skills for Net Zero (£550,000)

· Glasgow Chamber of Commerce: Step Up to Net Zero (£646,757)

· Glasgow City College: Clyde Built – Digital Skills (£443,692)

· Glasgow City Council: North Maryhill Transformational Regeneration Area (TRA) – Green Infrastructure (£275,165)

· Remade Network: Building a Repair Economy in Glasgow (£550,000)

Pictured: North Maryhill graphic, courtesy of Glasgow City Council