Slight exodus from cities for rural areas

THERE has been a recent slight exodus from Scottish cities for more rural parts of the country, estimates the statistics body, the National Registers of Scotland.

Says the NRS, here: “Over the last year, the number of people living in large urban areas has fallen by 5,600 (-0.3 per cent).

“This marks a change from previous years. In contrast, the populations of rural areas, small towns, and other urban areas have either increased or fallen more slowly than the previous year. In particular, accessible and remote rural areas had the largest increases over the last year, increasing by 13,200 (two per cent) and 4,700 (1.6 per cent), respectively.”

Still, however, the majority of Scots live in an urban setting: large (38 per cent) and ‘other’ (34 per cent).

Pictured: Stirling, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland