‘Smart’ refuse bins set up in Edinburgh

REFUSE bins fitted with sensors to signal when they are close to overflowing have been installed in three locations in Edinburgh – as a precursor to a city-wide roll-out.

Says the city’s local authority, here: “The Pitt Street communal bins, along with litter bins in The Meadows and Lanark Road West, mark the start of a city-wide campaign to install intelligent sensors in over 11,000 communal and litter bins.”

Adds the council, here, of its ‘smart sensors’ system, they will keep track if a bin is full, when they’re emptied and how often they’re used

“This will help make our neighbourhoods nicer places to live and protect our environment from litter. We will use this data to create more efficient waste collection routes, helping us save fuel and allowing us to divert resources to other places; [and] respond to full or overflowing bins more quickly.”

The scheme is being supported by the Scottish Government’s Recycling Improvement Fund.

Pictured: Pitt Street, Edinburgh; Picture credit: The City of Edinburgh Council