‘Social’ and ‘affordable’ housing statistics

JUST over 6,300 homes categorised as either ‘social rent’ or (the usually slightly more expensive) ‘affordable’ have been completed in Scotland between April last year and the end of December.

The figure – exactly 6,381 – is the latest in a set stretching back to the year 2007-08, published by the Scotland.

Says the Scottish Government, here, the total figure of ‘social’ and ‘affordable’ homes completed between 2007-08 and 2022-23 (April to December 2022) is 118,124 (comprising 83,291 ‘social’ and 34,833 ‘affordable’).

Among the cities, Glasgow has seen 20,161 ‘social’ (14,560) and ‘affordable’ (5,601) completed over a similar timeframe. Meanwhile, Edinburgh’s figures are 5,989 (‘social’) and 8,941 (‘affordable’) making a total of 14,930.

Pictured: Peffermill, Edinburgh, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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