‘Social housing’ campaign launched, aimed at First Minister

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to put housing at social rent levels at the top of the new First Minister, Humza Yousaf’s political agenda.

The campaign has been launched – here – by the housing charity, Shelter Scotland.

Says Shelter Scotland: “[The campaign] highlights the need for more social housing and profile the 9,130 children without a home in Scotland.”

The campaign was launched on the day when the First Minister’s official residence – Bute House, in Edinburgh – was closed, for 20 weeks, for refurbishment.

Shelter Scotland’s director, Alison Watson, is quoted, as saying: “Life in temporary accommodation can have devastating effects. It disrupts children’s learning, it places huge strain on family life, and can ruin people’s health. We hope that by running this activity, the First Minister will understand what life is really like for the 9,130 children currently stuck in temporary accommodation and take action to tackle the housing emergency.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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