Stiffer penalties called for, against fly-tippers

STIFFER penalties for people who fly-tip their refuse are being called for by a Scots organisation representing landowners.

With a deadline looming, in just two days, on a Scottish Government consultation exercise (here) on litter and fly-tipping, Scottish Land and Estates is calling for increased fines and longer prison sentences for offenders.

The organisation is also calling for support for the victims of fly-tipping, including farmers and other landowners, to help cover the costs of cleaning up a mess, which often includes hazardous waste.

In an announcement (here), it says: “Currently, farmers and other private landowners may be issued with a warning notice to remove hazardous fly-tipped waste within seven days at their own expense despite being the victim of a crime.”

In addition, it is suggesting the creation of a central ‘flytipping database’, to show the full extent of the problem across Scotland. It says: “Many incidents of fly-tipping are currently not reported and, instead, the victims just quietly clean it up.”

An education programme is also required, urges SL&E, “about how to legally get rid of.. unwanted waste and how to spot unscrupulous, illegal ‘waste removers’”.

Picture credit: Scottish Land and Estates

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