Stirling ranks sixth in UK index of ‘happiness’

THE Scots city of Stirling has been named among the top ten UK towns and cities for ‘happiness’.

According to the tenth annual Happy at Home Index – produced by property website, Right Move – Stirling was ranked sixth in the UK-wide list, behind the winner, the Northumberland town of Hexham, where the average house price is £297,088 (up six per cent on last year).

The average price, according to Right Move, of houses in Stirling is £191,226.

The Index follows a survey of over 21,000 people. Among its other findings, more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of people who moved last year, chose to move to a different area. And nearly two-thirds of these people (64 per cent), said they are happier in the area they now live, compared with where they moved from.

‘Happiness’ was measured by by asking various questions, including about a sense of belonging and the provision of artistic and cultural activities.

The top ten UK towns and cities in the index were as follows: Hexham, Richmond-on-Thames, Harrogate, Hove, Llandrindod Wells, Stirling, Monmouth, St Ives, Anglesey and Leamington Spa.

The top ten Scots towns and cities in the index were as follows (in brackets, their UK ranking): Stirling (sixth), Perth (11th), Inverness (51st), Edinburgh (76th), Dundee (80th), Ayr (94th), Kirkcaldy (141st), Paisley (149th) and Aberdeen (156th).

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Picture credit: Steve Tolson

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