Stricter carbon emissions targets set for new-build housing

NEW-build housing in Scotland is set to be subject to stricter carbon emissions targets.

In an announcement from the Scottish Government, here, the regulations are expected to cut emissions by a third.

It is all part of efforts to reduce the amount of so-called ‘greenhouse gases’ enveloping the earth and thus heating the planet up.

Says the announcement: “The new energy standards will also apply to newly-built non-domestic buildings and form part of plans to reduce emissions across Scotland’s building stock by more than two-thirds by 2030.”

Key elements in the new standards include:

* Improved performance targets which will reduce emissions from new homes by an aggregate of 32 per cent and new, non-domestic buildings by an aggregate of 20 per cent;

* The introduction of a new energy target for new buildings to set and report on performance of decarbonisation as new buildings are decarbonised;

* A focus on reducing energy demand, including improved fabric insulation in new homes to reduce heating needs; and

* Changes to make connection to low-carbon heating solutions such as heat networks easier.

Continues the Scottish Government, the new standards, which will apply from December this year, “also support plans for all new buildings to have zero emissions heating systems from 2024”.

“The new energy standards form part of improved building regulations and build on earlier improvements introduced in 2010 and 2015.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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