Support revealed for increased tree growing

SOME of 80 per cent of people are estimated to want more trees to be grown in the country.

It follows a survey published by the Scottish Government agency responsible for forestry in the country: Scottish Forestry.

And the support for more trees to be grown is in the context of tacking climate change.

Says a media announcement from Scottish Forestry, here: “Four-fifths (81 per cent) of those who took part in the survey also agreed that there was at least one benefit from forestry worth supporting with public money.

“Over half cited that they would like to see public funds in forestry going towards woodlands that provide wildlife habitats and help to tackle climate change.

“Around 55 per cent said they would like to see more woodland in their own area and only three per cent said they would not like to see more trees in their locality.”

Among other findings:

  • Over three quarters (77 per cent) of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that ‘trees are good because they remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it in wood’;
  • Over four-fifths (82 per cent) of respondents had visited forests or woodlands in the last 12 months, with walking being by far the most popular activity;
  • Around 80 per cent said that they can relax and de-stress in woodland, with 71 per cent saying they can exercise and keep fit in woodland spaces;
  • On tree health, 65 per cent agreed or strongly agreed that ‘everyone should take action when visiting woodlands to help prevent the spread of damaging tree pests or diseases; and
  • 40 per cent agreed that public money should be spent on forestry if it supports the economy in rural areas.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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