Survey launched researching the impact of the arts and humanities on ‘place’

THE role of the arts and humanities in the design and operation of places is being researched by a group of Scottish academics.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow, with support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, are investigating how approaches from the arts and humanities can have “impacts on place, the processes that lead to improved outcomes in place, and for people in place”. The programme is currently inviting contributions through an open call for evidence.

Says a questionnaire invite, here: “The questionnaire is open to anyone who is using Arts and Humanities approaches in place-based work. ‘Place-based work’ is broadly defined and includes aspects of spatial planning and design, cultural assets, working with people in place, relationships to place and/or processes of place-making. We are particularly interested to receive feedback from UK-based respondents.”

Says a separate announcement, here, issued by Dr Elizabeth Robson, research associate on the programme: “By completing the questionnaire, you will be helping to build a body of evidence for the important role the arts and humanities can play in meeting the needs and priorities of different places and groups.”

Picture credit: Gilbert Scott Building, University of Glasgow Photographic Unit

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