Survey results raise safety fears for cyclists

SOME thirty per cent of vehicle drivers are estimated to believe that cyclists have fewer rights than them when on the road.

It follows a survey by the cycling organisation, Cycling Scotland, which commissioned research involving 533 “Scotland-based drivers who don’t cycle on roads”.

In addition, the survey found that 83 per cent of respondents “confessed to feeling frustration when trying to pass people on bikes”.

Among other findings: 80 per cent of drivers “worry they could seriously injure someone cycling if they don’t give them enough space” and 96 per cent of drivers “acknowledged that a vehicle getting too close would be frightening for someone cycling”.

The release of the figures coincides with a national cycle safety campaign, Give Cycle Space.

Says Cycling Scotland, here: “On average, four people cycling per week in Scotland suffer serious, potentially life-changing, injuries from a vehicle collision – and close passes can be a daily experience for people cycling.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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