‘Sustainability memo of understanding’ signed for proposed Edinburgh extension

A PROPOSAL – to develop a 205-acre site neighbouring Edinburgh airport – has struck a ‘memorandum of understanding’ to enshrine ‘sustainability’ ambitions.

The memorandum has been signed by the leader of The City of Edinburgh Council and the site’s developers, Drum Property Group.

Says a media announcement issued on behalf of Drum Property Group: “The £2 billion project presents the opportunity to help meet the housing needs of the nation’s capital whilst delivering a significant sustainable urban expansion for the city.”

“The area is identified in The City of Edinburgh Council’s City Plan 2030 as having the potential to become a vibrant, high-density city extension with a capacity for 7,000 homes, along with the commercial and community facilities required for a ’20-minute neighbourhood’.

“The proposals for West Town also align with the ambitions of the Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework 4, which was approved in February [this year]. The Edinburgh Tram route runs directly through the site, and a new station will be created to ensure the whole development has access to quick and efficient public transport.”

The proposal is called West Town and has still to be presented to the council’s planning committee for its adjudication.

Adds the announcement: “Both parties [Drum and the council] have agreed a ‘memorandum of understanding’ which sets out how they will work closely together to prepare a delivery strategy for the sustainable expansion of Edinburgh at the West Town site. 

“The agreement was announced by Cammy Day, leader of the City of Edinburgh Council and Graeme Bone, group managing director of Drum Property Group, developers of West Town, at the UK’s Real Estate Investment & Infrastructure Forum [currently taking place] in Leeds.”

The scheme was subject to a second round of public consultation in November, as noted, here.

Picture credit: Drum Property Group

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