Tenancies milestone reached

ONE thousand housing tenancies – under a scheme that places housing, for homeless people, first, and asks questions later – have been provided by Scotland’s local authorities.

Some 1,031 so-called Housing First tenancies have been created, up to December 31 last year.

Housing First contrasts with the previous system of housing allocation for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Previously, a prospective tenant had to first demonstrate they were taking steps to address the issues leading to their situation. Now, it’s housing first, and then support in its wake.

Says the Scottish Government (here), which announced the milestone: “The Scottish Government has invested £5.5 million since 2019 in the Housing First pathfinder programme, which has worked to set up Housing First schemes in areas with the most people sleeping rough or at risk of doing so.

“This is part of a £52.5 million investment in rapid rehousing, aiming to ensure people spend the shortest amount of time possible in temporary accommodation, giving them a settled place to live as soon as appropriate.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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