The condition of Scottish homes

JUST over half of homes in Scotland suffer from what is described as ‘disrepair to critical elements’ – according to figures released by the Scottish Government.

Say figures relating to the year 2019, some 52 per cent of Scottish homes suffered from ‘disrepair’ to the likes of their water tightness, the structure of their walls or elements that might prevent further deterioration of the property.

According to the Chief Statistician’s Scottish House Condition Survey: 2019 Key Findings, the 52 per cent is an improvement of five per cent on the year previously, 2018.

Add the findings: “18 per cent of dwellings had disrepair only to non-critical elements, with three per cent of dwellings requiring some urgent repair and one per cent with extensive disrepair to non-critical elements, similar to 2018.

“Levels of damp and condensation were similar to those seen in 2018: 91 per cent of properties were free from any damp or condensation.

“The Scottish House Condition Survey measures disrepair for a wide range of different building elements, ranging from aspects of roofs and walls to chimney stacks, internal rooms and common parts of shared buildings like access balconies and entry doors.”

Source: Scottish House Condition Survey: 2019 Key Findings, here and here. Published December 1 2020.

Please note: a methodology addendum, published January 12 2021 – here.