‘Toolkit’ launched to increase use of reused steel

AN offshore wind farm near the north of Scotland town of Wick is among several case studies published to encourage the increased use of reused steel.

Says a ‘steel reuse toolkit’ launched by the Alliance for Sustainable Buildings Products (here): “Steel is one of the most widely-used and resource-intensive materials used in construction. Although commonly recycled at end of life, the reuse of [recycled] steel is minimal despite the apparent environmental, carbon and circular economy benefits.”

The announcement adds: “The main purpose of the toolkit is to provide stakeholders from across the supply chain with guidance, case studies and expertise to boost supply and demand of reused steel in the construction industry, and support new market entrants. The toolkit is supported by accompanying guidance notes and policy asks for both government and industry bodies.”

Says the Wick case study (here): “[An] offshore wind farm required three cable ducts to be drilled under the seafloor, and then cables inserted to bring power back to land. Tubes required a spigot-style joint to allow 12m lengths to be pushed together and then welded before being fed down the hole behind the drill.”

Picture credit: Cleveland Steel and Tubes Ltd

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