Top marks for Edinburgh in numbers report

EDINBURGH people can expect to live longer and healthier lives – according to numbers crunched by the local authority.

In the 16th annual Edinburgh by Numbers report for last year (here), Edinburgh has the highest life expectancy of the UK’s eight major cities, the highest proportion of life spent in ‘good health’ (80 per cent) and boasts the most ‘green flag’ parks (35)(twice as many as runner-up Birmingham).

The numbers have been drawn from a variety of sources.

Says the council, here: “[The report] reveals that residents’ lives are not only enriched by a vibrant cultural scene and more top-rated parks than any other comparable UK city – but on average Edinburgh people can expect to live longer, healthier lives.”

Among other findings, the city has a greater number of ultra-low emission vehicles compared to elsewhere in Scotland (2.32 per cent of vehicles) and more Michelin-starred restaurants than any comparable city.

In 2021, Edinburgh’s population density was 1,999 residents per square kilometre. Cities like Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield have over twice the population density level of Edinburgh. Proportionally, Edinburgh’s population increase of 10.2 per cent t between 2011 to 2021 was the greatest of the comparison cities and third-highest in absolute terms behind Leeds and Birmingham.

And – surprising though it might feel – rainfall during 2022 was lower than five years previously.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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