Total down in Glasgow’s vacant and derelict land

LAST year, the amount of vacant and derelict land in Glasgow stood at 880 hectares, a reduction of six per cent (59 hectares, equivalent to 80 full-sized football pitches) on the figure from the year before.

Says the city’s local authority, also during last year, the number of vacant and derelict sites fell from 675 to 644.

In an announcement, here, the city council adds: “In December 2020, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Land Commission jointly announced the £50million, five-year Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme (VDLIP) – open to local authorities to apply under a competitive bid system – and assessed through the following criteria: sustained place-based approaches; urban green spaces; community-led regeneration; and low-carbon developments and renewables.

“From the latest round of VDLIP funding, two Glasgow projects were successful: Hamiltonhill Green Infrastructure – redevelopment of a long-term derelict school site as part of a housing-led ‘green’ infrastructure masterplan with Queens Cross Housing Association. £924,911 award (profiled over 2022/23); and Ruchazie Greening and Growing – to transform two former primary school sites into attractive, usable community spaces, with Seven Lochs Wetland Park. £670,000 award (£185,000 in 2022/23; £240,000 in 2023/24; £245,000 in 2024/25).”

Pictured: Near the former Commonwealth Games (2014) village, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland