Trees added to George Street revamp plans

TREES are to be introduced to plans to turn the key Edinburgh boulevard of George Street into a mostly pedestrianised area.

Councillors on the city council’s Transport and Environment committee yesterday approved what is being described as the “final operational plan for Edinburgh’s George Street and First New Town”.

Says the council, here, in an announcement: “A key change is the introduction of trees on George Street, which has been agreed following discussions with Edinburgh World Heritage, Historic Environment Scotland and the Cockburn Association and other stakeholders.”

The announcement adds: “Transport and Environment committee members approved updates to the principles of the proposed operational plan which include plans for the creation of a pedestrian and cycling zone where loading, servicing and licensed taxi access on George Street will only be permitted during evening and morning hours.

“At this stage, automated bollards will provide additional public safety measures and enforce the pedestrian cycling zone restrictions. Blue badge holders will still be able to park in disabled bays on George Street and the surrounding streets.”

Picture credit: The City of Edinburgh Council

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