Rented homes to be specifically highlighted in upcoming housing strategy document

IMPROVED accessibility, affordability and standards across Scotland’s rented homes – are to be specifically highlighted next week in an upcoming Scottish Government strategy document, Housing to 2040, to be published next week.

Housing to 2040 (here) is described by the Scottish Government as “Scotland’s first long-term housing plan, which will set the path for how homes and communities should look and feel in 2040”.

The government adds (here): “[The document] will specifically address private and social rent and agricultural tenancies, to ensure an affordable, quality sector offering choice to meet people’s needs.

“Tenants will be closely involved in the development of the strategy with a national network of social rented tenants developed alongside a Tenant Participation Panel.”

Implementation of the targets will be dependent on the outcome of the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections.

The government announcement continues: “Housing to 2040 will also include a proposal for a new Housing Bill, to be introduced early in the next parliament, in order to take forward further reforms in the rented sector and increase the rights of tenants.”

Picture credit: PlaceDesignScotland