Update issued on Glasgow streets improvement plan

AN update on plans to make 17 streets in and around Glasgow city centre safer, easier to walk and cycle around and easier to maintain has revealed various projects at various stages of completion.

Known as the ‘Avenues’ programme, the update provides a breakdown as to which individual projects are on hold, out to tender or still at the design stage.

The programme is being accompanied by another, ‘Avenues Plus’, which is about the streets reaching out from the city centre into more outlaying districts of the city.

Funding is coming from the walking and cycling charity, Sustrans.

Says Glasgow City Council, here: “Some of the changes made to the Avenues programme are as a result of the challenging set of circumstances facing many projects as a result of Brexit, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

“This has led to increased costs in labour and materials, a shortage of materials and longer delivery times, and a rebalance of risk when developing construction contracts. Measures are being taken to address these challenges.

“The Avenues and Avenues Plus programmes will be key to the work of Glasgow’s Accessible and Inclusive Design Forum, a group that has been established to ensure that the needs of disabled people and people who walk, wheel and cycle are reflected in the design of streets and public spaces as this major infrastructure investment continues.

“The membership of the forum includes organisations who represent diverse disabled people and people who walk, wheel and cycle in Glasgow.”

Pictured: Completed – cycle paths on Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland