Views sought on ‘circular economy’ proposals

VIEWS are being sought on plans to improve Scotland’s ‘circular economy’ performance, including modernising waste and recycling services.

Says the Scottish Government, here, its circular economy proposals are designed to improve biodiversity and tackle climate change, and include the suggestion that there should be a ban on destroying unsold goods, “to ensure that products never end up landfilled or incinerated when they could be used or recycled”.

Kay among the proposals is reporting where recycled material goes once it has been collected.

There are additional proposals, such as littering from vehicles and the reporting from businesses of surplus and waste figures for goods such as food and textiles.

Adds the Scottish Government announcement: “Scotland’s circular economy targets, outlined in the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan, include ending the landfilling of biodegradable municipal waste by 2025, reducing the percentage of all waste sent to landfill to five per cent by 2025, and recycling 70 per cent of all waste by 2025.”

The consultation ends August 22.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland