Views sought on Edinburgh World Heritage site

VIEWS are being sought on Edinburgh’s ‘Old and New Towns’, which together comprise the ‘Edinburgh World Heritage’ site, as defined by the United Nations agency, UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Says the Edinburgh World Heritage organisation, a public consultation has been launched jointly between it, Scottish Government agency Historic Environment Scotland and the local authority, The City of Edinburgh Council.

It adds that public consultation is integral to the production of a management plan, saying, here: “UNESCO world heritage sites are required to periodically produce management plans to ensure that the site is being conserved and managed effectively. The 2023 Management Plan will be the fourth such plan since the inscription of the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1995.”

The consultation – to be found here – ends on the 12th of next month.

Pictured: Edinburgh High Street, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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