Views sought on the efficacy of Energy Performance Certificates

CONCERN about the quality of information given to prospective property owners – regarding the energy performance of a building – is behind a consultation exercise just launched.

Says the Scottish Government, here, which is launching the consultation: “Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are an important source of information for current and potential occupiers.

“They are one of the few pieces of information householders and building owners receive that helps them understand the performance of their building.

“However, the metrics and ratings EPCs currently use are not appropriate to drive the improvements that we need in the fabric of our homes and to move to zero direct emissions heating systems in our homes and buildings.”

By way of context” “Scotland has legally-binding targets, agreed by all parties in the Scottish Parliament, to achieve ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, with interim targets for a 75 per cent reduction by 2030, and 90 per cent by 2040.”

And: “Fabric improvements alone will not allow us to reach net zero emissions from our buildings. It is also important that we transition from direct emissions heating systems, like gas and oil boilers, to zero direct emissions heating systems, like heat pumps and heat networks.”

The consultation – here – ends October 16.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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