Vision of future housing in Scotland published

A VISION of housing in the future has been published by the Scottish Government.

Says the Government, in an announcement, of ‘Housing to 2040’, here: [“It] aims to deliver our ambition for everyone to have a safe, good quality and affordable home that meets their needs in the place they want to be”.

The 76-page document is further described as “Scotland’s first-ever long-term national housing strategy with a vision for what we want housing to look like and provide to the people of Scotland, no matter where they live and what point in their life they are at.

“We want to ensure homes and communities in 2040 will support people to live in the homes they want to live in that are affordable and meet their needs.

“Housing to 2040 is the culmination of extensive engagement with the housing sector, wider stakeholders and the public and we will need to work with our local authority partners, housing providers, landlords and the construction and house building sectors to deliver the ambitions it sets out.”

Download the document, via a link here.