Webinar postponement

A PROPOSED upcoming webinar – featuring Claire Carpenter, founder of the Edinburgh-based coworking hub, The Melting Pot – is having to be postponed.

Life has simply got in the way, regarding availability – the webinar scheduled for Wednesday, July 19, at midday.

Claire had already submitted advance editorial, to spark possible questions: here.

The decision to postpone – accompanied by expert mentoring from Claire – has prompted a re-think regarding the idea of a webinar, at a fixed time, once a week.

Initially, the webinars were to be for members-only. This was soon amended in light of membership numbers being modest.

But even when it was made clear that non-members could attend, the numbers taking up the offer were also modest.

Maybe it’s webinar fatigue, maybe it’s because of the midday timing.

Whatever the reason, it might be easier all round for webinars to be conducted one-to-one, in private, by placedesignscotland.

And then uploaded on to an archive, for people (members-only?) to view at their leisure.

This way would certainly make it easier for prospective guest interviewees to schedule their diaries.

At this juncture, it’s just an idea being grappled with.

But don’t be surprised if….

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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