AT Place Design Scotland, we are in the business of harvesting the knowledge, expertise and wisdom of the ‘place’ sector, and, to that end, we will be soon hosting webinars with guest interviewees.

Access to webinars will be exclusive to paid-up members of the site.

The hope is that we soon get into the rhythm of hosting two webinars per week: Wednesday guest interviewee(s) and Friday ‘pot luck’, where we chat about anything and everything.

The aim is for guest interviewee webinars to be teed up with an article for people to read ahead of the webinar taking place. That way, the webinar becomes less of a presentation (a person speaking at a screen) and more a facilitated Q&A.

Webinar suggestions are more than welcome – please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page. You are invited to suggest yourself, not least if you are able to provide advance editorial for prospective attendees to ‘get their teeth into’.

Webinars will be recorded and then available as archive material.

Here’s looking forward…