Wild birds and heather burning Bill to be presented to MSPs

MEMBERS of the Scottish Parliament are to debate and vote on a proposed change to the law as it applies to the treatment of wild birds and the burning of heather on moorland and hills (known as ‘Muirburn’).

Says a Scottish Government announcement, here: “The Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill aims to: end raptor persecution , ensure grouse moors are managed sustainably, ban the use of glue traps for rodents, and tighten regulations for the use of other types of wildlife traps”

Adds the Scottish Parliament website, here: “The Bill was developed in response to recommendations made by an independent review of grouse moor management. This report is sometimes referred to as the ‘Werritty Report’.”

And also says: “If the Bill passes, people will need a licence to undertake Muirburn at any point in the year. There would be different requirements depending on the time of year and whether the Muirburn is taking place on peatland or not.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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