Work begins on Fife rail links

TWO locations in east Fife are poised to be soon connected to the national rail network, courtesy of construction work beginning to bring them into play.

Begins rail infrastructure organisation, Network Rail, here: “Work is now under way to build the new Leven station as part of the £116m Scottish Government-funded Levenmouth Rail Link project.

“Leven will be one of two new stations built on the route, alongside Cameron Bridge, reconnecting communities in Levenmouth to the rail network for the first time in over 50 years.”

The announcement adds: “The station will boast 205m island platforms and a pebble-styled pavilion area as the entrance to the new station.”

It is anticipated that work to create the new station will take approximately 14 months and it will be opened as part of the overall Levenmouth Rail Link in spring next year.

Picture credit: Network Rail

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