Work progressing on Edinburgh housing seeking to marry twin ‘affordability’ and ‘net-zero’ ambitions

WORK is progressing on the construction of housing in Edinburgh seeking to marry ‘affordability’ with stringent energy efficiency measures that make them, as close to possible, ‘net-(carbon emissions)zero’.

The housing – in the Granton waterfront area of the city (north of the city centre) – will, when completed, comprise over 70 one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, alongside several commercial units.

Says a media announcement, here. “The apartments will be rented as social housing owned and managed by The City of Edinburgh Council or to households on low-to-middle incomes at a ‘mid-market’ rate that is lower than private rental rates.”

The ambition of marrying of both ‘affordability’ and ‘net-zero’ is via a scheme called The Edinburgh Home Demonstrator – described as “a programme providing an innovative approach to building affordable net zero carbon homes at scale”.

The announcement continues: “The Edinburgh Home Demonstrator programme was established to explore and develop a new business model for the manufacture of affordable homes based on collaborative procurement, whole life costing, development pipeline and greater standardisation. The homes would be designed and constructed to reach as close to zero emissions and net-zero carbon as possible.”

Pictured: Cammy Day, The City of Edinburgh Council leader, and Ainslie McLaughlin, chair of the Edinburgh Home Demonstrator programme project board. Picture credit: Louise Mather

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